Ikats and velvets

The ikat technique is a very sophisticated style of weaving. Silk is normally used for it. The threads are dyed with the different lively colours before the weaving. So the weaver has to know the composition of the ornaments in advance. The woman's gown is made of such an ikat tissue. 

There is an even more advanced technique of weaving called baghmal (or bachmal). It is an ikat style of weaving that produces a silk velvet. Being very rare and costly, it was made for the rich and important people. Even the smallest bit of baghmal is used or reused for decorative purposes. The pair of baghmal bags is in extremely good condition. The other baghmal bags were sewn together from small bits of baghmal, they are a kind of patchwork.
ikve1kl,jpg ../jpg/baghmal_1th.jpg ../jpg/baghmal_2th.jpg
ikat gown pair of baghmal bags baghmal patchwork bag
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baghmal patchwork bag baghmal patchwork bag back
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