Sedentary embroidery

The embroideries of this partition are more those of the sedentary people, although the suzanis are also common among the nomads. A suzani is one of the needle works, a the bride's family has to produce before her marriage. There are usually several women working at it. The first of the suzanis is a rare old item embroidered on an ikat tissue (for more information see the ikat and velvet section). The second is a nim-suzani (half size), embroidered on a home-spun and home woven cloth made of several small stripes. The third suzani is a classical ordinary one. 

The small bag front is of a very fine making and was probably only made for decorative purposes. The caps are usually worn with a turban around them. The vest was made for a small child. Embroidered leather boots like the pair we want to show you were worn by men and women. Those tiny bags are purses.
seem1kl.jpg seem2kl.jpg seem3kl.jpg seem9
silk suzani nim-suzani suzani suzani
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caps vest boots purses
small bag front
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